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鞍馬寺(Photo of Kurama Temple, from Wikipedia)





宇宙に住んでいる様々なそんざいにとって、地球は魅力的な場所です。地球、それは、魔法を練習、完成させる遊び場であり、そのような学びに興味のあるさまざまなそんざいに魅力的なところです – つまり、純粋な意識という個に気づく、マインドの訓練。 わたし、サナット・クマラもそのようなそんざいでした。






Message from Ascended Master Sanat Kumara
1 February 2015.
Channeled by Amara Tia Ann, Spiritual Teacher and Channel

The Earth is an attractive place for many beings dwelling in the Universe. Earth, presenting herself as a playground for the practice and perfection of magic, appealed to a multitude of beings who wished to take part in such learning – the training of the mind to realise oneself as pure consciousness. I, Sanat Kumara, was one such being.

I have journeyed far and wide in the skies of the cosmos, exploring the nature of myself as consciousness, also referred to as Light or knowingness by some of you. I spotted Earth, an ideal place for perfecting my understanding of consciousness. Together with my peers, including Masters whom you know as Buddha Shakyamuni, Lord Krishna, Lord St Germain, Lady Athena and many others who had lived through the different eras of Man’s history, we attained Enlightenment – the transcendence of thoughts – while on Earth.

There are many places in Japan which either lie along the ley lines of Earth or sit upon her important energy nodes. Such places become natural energy portals, enabling active inter-dimensional energy exchanges. At these power spots, magical and mystical experiences are bountiful due to consciousness regaining its fluidity more easily, hence becoming less trapped in the third dimensional frequency of Earth. For this reason, Japan has attracted the frequent visitations of star energies who find themselves able to zoom in and out of Earth’s space easily. The prevailing presence of these star beings in turn allows the portals within Japan to be kept open and active. The myriad of inter-dimsnsional energy exchanges anchored in Japan also facilitated the preservation of her natural landscape filled with mountains, lakes and forests.

Light attracts Light. The light radiated through the portals of Japan lured beings who desire to experience the densest reality available in the Universe, which is Earth. They chose to incarnate and re-incarnate in Japan so as to be stimulated into the remembrance that they are on Earth on a quest to conquer the illusory fear of separation brought about by the world of materiality. They are the warriors of light whose mission is to achieve transcendence of thought and allow consciousness itself to create magic and awe in their lives. Manifestation of this desire of the group soul (people of Japan) has taken the form of incredible inventions and advancement of technology and in the years to come, closer integration of technology with culture and lifestyle.  The star seeds in the community are being awakened rapidly to remember themselves as children from the stars. This spiritual awakening phenomenon will become more evident through a growing interest and fascination with sounds and messages received from the cosmos.

I encourage the star seeds currently dwelling in Japan to continue the quest for Self Understanding which in itself shall bring many moments of magic. I am Sanat Kumara, the spiritual patron of Japan.